Baltic Projects

Special fine finishes

is honoured to be deemed worthy enough to be collaborating with such a special and historical institution as HAND & LOCK; one of the oldest embroidery companies in the world.

When looking for potential companies to collaborate with they have to be not only the very best, but also actual and exciting in today’s market, HAND & LOCK fits this role perfectly.

Steeped in history and tradition its involvement in any design project adds an exciting quality and mystique that can only come from a company of this calibre.

A few words from HAND and LOCK themselves.

HAND & LOCK have been producing the world’s finest hand embroidery that since 1767. We cover a wide range of niche markets from Civilian and Military Regalia through to Ecclesiastical and Couture specialising in bespoke individually crafted embroideries.
We work with private clients and designers specializing in classically embroidered bed linens, charming personalized cushions, curtains, blinds, tea towels, table covers sofas. We also add finishing touches to bed heads, grand pelmets and wall panels.

Using appliqué, ribbon work, Cornely, Irish, hand embroidery and beading techniques, along with bespoke trimmings we have created fabulous work for homes, palaces, cars, ships and airplanes.
As a traditional embroidery company, our heritage reaches back to Roman times and we have become world renowned as providers of the finest hand embroidery. We are a living antique, but we are moving with the times, bringing hand embroidery into the present. We are ready to take on all types of embroideries, big and small, and our rich history guarantees our clients consistency and quality every time Hand & Lock has worked with the film industry extensively, helping to create costumes and props for over 50 years. In the late 1940s we
worked with the Ealing Comedies and more recently made Velvet chair fronts for the Sherlock Holmes film.
H&L have helped create beaded chairs for Swarvoski and embroider arrange of soft furnishings for hotels around the world.