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Maisonette Development - Ealing


The new highly energy efficient and beautifully finished three bedroom maisonette.

The first thing to mention and arguably the most important thing to mention in these days of high and rising energy costs is the EPC that was achieved with this development, 84, a B, with no recommendations nothing more could be done.

The flat has been very well insulated including internal wall insulation that was fitted on all the external walls, there are 6 solar panels on the roof, a 28 kwh Worcester condensing boiler ‘A’ rated with 90% efficiency and a 210 litre hot water cylinder giving great pressure to the showers. This has been further improved by bringing in a new 25mm water mains for each flat, it previously had 15mm shared with the flat below.

The loft mansard dormer was formed out of light gauge steel frame quick, cost effective and green.

The loft has been developed into a kitchen, diner living space. On the level below at the front you have the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom (including under floor heating), two more bedrooms, the family bathroom and a small study area with a little window. The flat has been wired for three separate cable connections, the living room wall, master bedroom wall and the second/middle bedroom.

From the entrance, up the stairs, through the hallways and into the loft area the floor has been finished with old style wide pine floors, beautifully finished.

As you walk into the flat you look up and you can see the sky through glass panels bedded in the pine on the first and second floors and a skylight in the newly formed warm roof of the loft.

On this new warm roof are six solar panels, so important with rising fuel prices. They are sitting on a brand new flat fibre glass roof, the front pitch roof has also been re felted with all new lead work and zinc valleys.

The wiring throughout has been renewed, there are two new consumer units, one being for the solar panels. The lighting throughout is LED 80% less energy used and very low maintenance, the bulbs only need changing every five to ten years.

All the plumbing is new with the radiators perfectly balanced on a manifold system.

This retrofit is virtually a new build and as a local estate agent said, we have set a precedent for future developments in the area.