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Non-Petroleum Paints

Eco Builders is committed to reversing the current trends, that are particularly evident in small to medium sized builders, in the construction industry of modern times. Using chemical free and mineral based paints, sustainable timber, recycling all building waste, using natural insulation, favouring LED lighting and solar panels. We are striving to add, quickly but sensibly, as many new essential and sustainable disciplines as possible, to what our company can offer all, our mainly domestic, clients.

Sick building syndrome (SBS) and the non sustainable way that current chemically based paints are produced are the two most compelling factors influencing eco Builders in choosing what products we promote when decorating a property.

Not only sustainable, in more recent times, many of the eco paints have been found to be also more calming and aesthetically pleasing than petroleum and chemical based paints. It has now become a win, win situation.

Auro paints are our primary partners for indoor paints. They recently (March 2013) won a certificate in Germany medically recommended for lodgings (Certificate 1) , (Certificate 2). Among other things, it provides a very favourable influence on the room climate and comfort of all. Significantly, adding to the occupants feeling of being content.

Auro 321 5 is VOC free and any VOCs detectable in other Auro products come only from orange or linseed oil, two products you could eat!

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds which are considered to be carcinogenic. Nowadays most paints used are chemically based and ‘off gas’ for up to 2 years after application contributing, undoubtedly, to sick building syndrome. These, often extremely toxic carbon based compounds, are also present, contrary to popular belief, in water based paint products. Being used to help the drying and colour effectiveness of the paints, but at what cost!

The health effects of sick building syndrome should not be underestimated and professionals in the interior design of buildings must actively and passionately try and eliminate them whenever possible.

Externally eco refurbishes all masonry with Keim mineral paints that is not only totally mineral based and VOC free but is a far superior product in many other ways.

  • Non combustible; not supporting the spread of flames.
  • Any chosen colour is more stable and slower to fade, unaffected by UV rays and weathering, unlike its chemically based competitors.
  • Non combustible; not supporting the spread of flames.
  • Hinders the growth of fungi.
  • Is breathable; reducing internal condensation.
  • Instead of just forming a skin over the surface like oil based paint, Keim paints become an integral part of the surface.

Please follow the links to get more details and let eco Builders turn your home back into, not only a beautiful place to live but a happy healthy building, with more relaxed and calm occupants.