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Home Automation

We currently live in a world where being connected to the internet is an essential part of our daily life, and becoming vastly more important as time goes by. It only makes sense to have your home fully integrated with robust networking that is both easy on the eyes and reliable.

The Services we offer:

  • Wired Networks through the home via the use of Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet cables. We can work together with your current builders, or start wiring your home from start to finish without any unsightly wires visible.
  • Once your home has been networked, we can implement wireless networks in such a way that you will receive coverage in all areas of the home, with the fastest speeds possible.
  • Portable devices such as Laptops, tablets and smart phones will be able to be used in every corner of the home.


Networking your home correctly can be very crucial, as it is the fundamental requirement for functions such as Home automation, Multi room Audio distributions and Home theatre setups.

Imagine being able to control the music in your home, in every room, from the press of a button on a device such as your Smartphone. You can move from room to room and have the music follow you. Seamlessly integrate your iPod and iPhone in your stereo systems or dedicated music speakers wall mounted.

Secure Centralized Storage for all your Music, Videos and documents means you view your media on all your devices simultaneously. The media can be accessed by your Home theatre, Smart TV’s, Smartphone’s and computers.

Browse your entire Movie collection by cover art and great detail and play directly on your television without needing to change DVD’s. Automatically continue playing your media where you left off when you move from room to room.

We can build you the greatest Home theatre system taking account your requirements and budget. You can fully be immersed to your media and enjoy great picture quality as well as full surround sound audio.

We also specialize in complete Home automation installation and setup. You can control almost every device in your home by a single app on your Smartphone, while being anywhere in the world. See the possibilities in the diagram below

Secure your home with CCTV. Imagine being able to view the inside of your home from a Smartphone from anywhere in the world for complete peace of mind. We specialize in wireless and discrete solutions, which can also be integrated with many home automation setups.

Please contact us for any questions you may have, please remember that these solutions are completely flexible and we can mould it for your needs.