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eco-builders-logo7 was formed by bp_small, to at last bring the concept of sustainability to a larger section of the construction market.

Small to medium sized firms, working in the mainly residential sector, have little or no provision for dealing with sustainability. This must change if the UK is to achieve what has been promised in the Kyoto agreement on carbon emissions.

This has to happen without delay to try and stop this extremely worrying current state of unprecedented global warming.

This is not the place to discuss global warming in detail. If however you are at all familiar with the issues, it will be clear to you, that every one of us must play their part. We must not fail to avoid the potentially catastrophic, if nothing is done quickly, predictions for the future.

Eco is committed to using both, sustainable materials and sustainable building practices.

The quality of the work is still second to none. Finishes are both, fantastically satisfying, in the way they look, but also in the knowledge that you are consciously doing your little bit to try and save the world !