Baltic Projects

Successful international supply and installation of interior fittings


What we provide

  • Double quality control:
  1. From the factory.
  2. From us.
  • Modern ergonomic solutions for end customer satisfaction.
  • Fast flexible delivery:
  1. We work as one team together with the factory.
  2. We have a long term influence over factory production processes.
  3. We maintain total production flexibility.
  • Individually tailored specifications in order to meet different customer requirements.
  • Multilingual project management.

Daily work targets that allow us to:

- Reduce time.
- Reduce costs.
- Improve quality.
- Commit to supporting and further developing the idea of “local sustainable homes”.
- Create ergonomic solutions.
- Give flexible supply.

Why EU products?

- Faster delivery.
- Flexible specification changes.
- Accessible after-sale support.
- Easier quality control.
- More innovative designs and products.
- Sustainable sources.